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City of Cleveland

100 North Street, PO Box 1439, Cleveland, MS, 38732, US



Please complete this form to request a birthday party reservation. Completing this form does not guarantee or confirm a reservation. Our staff will check availability and contact you to make the reservation.

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Indemnification Agreement

The person or organization requesting the Birthday Party Reservation shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless the City of Cleveland(including all agents and or/it’s insurer) and all City employees, officers and elected officials from and against any and all claims, demands, actions , cause of action, damages and costs(including attorney fees) arising out or by reason of any event or occurrence relating to or arising out of the party, activity and/or use the City’s facilities or equipment brought on or on behalf of any person or organization against the City (including all employees and or it’s insurers).

The organization/person further covenants and agrees on their own behalf and for the City (including all employees, agents, and/or its insurers) that if any person or organization files a lawsuit or otherwise makes a claim against anyone other than the City(including all employees, agents and/or its insurers) for damages as a result of the event or occurrence  or for the treatment of injuries arising out of the event or occurrence, and if as a result of that suit or claim , claims and/or demands are made against the City (including all employees, agents and/or its insurers) such Organization/Person will indemnify and save the City (including all employees, agents and /or its insurers) from any and  all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, damages and costs (including attorney fees) which the City (including all employees, agents and/or its insurers) incurs in defense of any such claims or demands or becomes obligated to pay anyone as a result of the event  or occurrence or treatment of injuries arising out of the event or occurrence.

The Organization/Person shall further provide its own security at such event.

I agree to the terms set forth in this agreement and will be responsible for any damages or charges incurred as a result of, arising out of,  or related to the event or occurrence.

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