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Please read carefully and follow this check list it will ensure timely processing of your

Complete the Privilege License Application in its entirety.
• Operation of a business six (6) months or more a regular Privilege license is required. Privilege licenses must be renewed by September 30th annually.
• Operation of a business less than six (6) months a Transient Vendor license is required.

Community Development Department must approve the application.
• Contact this department at 662-843-4601 for further information on requirements.
• If your business is in a commercial building you may need permits from this Department. In addition, if you are making any changes to the interior and/or exterior of your business location, permits are required.
• If your business is located in a commercial building you will be required to have a commercial/fire inspection.

Remit a Copy of your Mississippi State Sales Tax ID Number
• Please contact the Mississippi Department of Revenue (MDOR) at 601-923-7700 to register for a Sales Tax ID.
•Upon completion of your application, you will be required to attach a copy of your letter detailing your assigned ID from the MDOR.

☐ Restaurants and Bars - Remit a copy of your most recent MSDH Food Permit
• All businesses that serve food are required to have a health inspection. Please call the Health Department at 662-843-2706 for more information.
• (711 3rd Street, Cleveland, MS 38732)
• If your business serves and sells beer you will need approval from the Planning Commission and the Board of Aldermen. To appear before the Planning Commission, contact 662-843-4601.

Transient Vendors
• If your business will be operating six (6) months or less you will need a Transient Vendor license. Operation of your business six (6) months or more a regular Privilege license is required.

• If your business is located in a commercial zone that allows you signage, and you plan to erect a sign; you must complete an application for a sign permit. This permit must be submitted and approved before erecting the sign. You may have to appear before the Planning Commission to obtain final approval. Contact 662-843-4601 for more information.

Proper Fee Remittance
• Most fees are determined by either, the number of full-time employees (service oriented business) OR the amount of inventory (retail businesses). You would only remit according to one schedule. See Page 4 on the license detailing the varying fee schedules.

Once your application is reviewed for completion and accuracy, an invoice will be sent to the email address listed on your application.


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